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Friend ID Catalog

This page is for sharing Friend IDs for the purpose of friend invites.

To send a friend invite, select "Friends" from the bottom game menu, hit the top right "Search for friends" button, and input their Friend ID. Search for them, and when their icon pops up, hit the blue button. Then wait for a response from them. There is a limit to the maximum number of friends you can have, so beware. This limit starts to increase as soon you reach rank 51.

Adding friends has the benefit of getting additional Friend Points for friend summons when used. In addition, only Friend supports can use Charge Skills.

If you wish to add your Friend ID, then please use this link:

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No. 12118
28 months ago
Score 0++

trying to log in via discord: {"error":"Cannot read property 'leader' of undefined"}

Anonymous user: 7cf8c7b1
No. 2003
64 months ago
Score 0 You
Can someone add me please, newbie here Im really tired of getting annihilated when I want to farm event mats /cry
Anonymous user: 7cf8c7b1
No. 2002
64 months ago
Score 0 You
Can someone add me please,
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