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This article is about the numerical card property that determines the efficacy of skills. For the article on the skills themselves, go to Skills.

Skill Level, shortened as Skill Lv, Skill.Lv, S.LV, S.Lv, SLV, or SLv, is a card property that determines the efficacy of the innate non-charge skills of a character card. The skill level does not determine the efficacy of a card's Charge Skill, nor does it determine that of the skills granted by any equipped AR cards.

Relation to skills

All cards start at skill level 1 and can reach a maximum of 100.

As you increase the skill level of your cards, the power of their skills increases. The chances of their skill activating will increase, and in addition the effect of the skill itself will become more powerful.

Skill Levels are applied to all innate non-charge skills. A new Skill is unlocked for each card when you Limit Break them, up to a total of 4 Skills.

On a characters Status screen in the game, Skills are formatted as (Skill Name) / [Activation Timing] Skill Effect / % Chance of Activation

Effect on skill activation rate

The activation rate will linearly increase with Skill Lv until the activation rate peaks at S.Lv 100, at double its base rate at S.Lv 1. The calculation for the activation rate of a skill of a particular card is below:

Rateactivation = ⌊Ratebase activation×(1 + (SLv/100)⌋


  • SLv is the card's Skill Level
  • Ratebase activation is the activation rate of the skill at Skill Lv 1
  • ⌊ ⌋ is the floor function (rounds the value inside it down)

Simply put, at skill level 100, the activation chance of all Skills are DOUBLE their original (skill level 1) values.

Effect on skill efficacy

Similar to its effect on skill activation rate, the Skill Lv will linearly increase the efficacy of HP- and CP-increasing/depleting skills until it is doubled. However, unlike activation rate, the efficacy will not always round down: it will round to the nearest 1. The calculation is below:

Points changed = (PointsSLv100/2)×(1 + (SLv/100))

Status Level determines the efficacy of a Status. The Level of Statuses bestowed or inflicted by the innate non-charge skills of a card is equal to the Skill Level of that card.

Increasing Skill Level

The cost for increasing a unit skill level to 100 using only the highest rarity of Soul
Skill Level
1-31 505 510 515 520 525
31-52 5305 10100 14915 19720 24525
52-67 14020 27540 41060 54580 68100
67-79 22945 45390 67835 90280 112725
79-88 31705 62910 94115 125320 156525
88-94 39220 77940 116660 155380 194100
94-97 44680 88860 133040 177220 221400
97-100 47545 94590 141635 188680 235725
Total 205925 407840 609775 811700 1013625

Some quests drop items called Souls that are used to increase a character's skill level; each weapon type has a corresponding Soul. Like Boosts, you don't have to match them up; any Soul would do. However, you won't fully benefit from the skill level increase that the matching Souls would yield. Warrior Souls can matches to a card of any weapon type, much like how Element none.pngALL-ROUND Boosts match to a card of any attribute.

You will see your chance for success after picking the Souls, with a 100% chance or above indicating that failure is impossible. Furthermore, percentages such as 260% indicate that your unit's skill level is guaranteed to go up 2 levels, with a 60% chance of going up a third.

Like Boosts, you also have to use coins to increase a unit's skill level, but unlike unit leveling, the coin cost is steeper.

F coin cost.png

This means that using higher quality Souls minimizes the total cost needed to skill up.

Skill Lv Up Chance

Skill Lv Up Chance Warrior Soul S Warrior Soul M Warrior Soul L Warrior Soul G
Non-matching 0.2 1 2 3
Matching 0.4 2 4 6

Increasing Skill Lv is done with Souls, each of which, unlike regular Lv, increases the chance of a Skill Up in a single "batch" of souls. The chance of Skill up and the cost of Skilling Up within a batch depends on the current Skill Lv. Each Skill Up session allows the consumption of up to 20 Souls, but this total houses 4 batches each of 5 slots; that is to say, the calculation for Skill Up chance and cost is readjusted every 5 Souls. Matching a Soul to a unit of the corresponding weapon type (or to Warrior Souls, which match to units of any weapon type) will double the chance the Soul contributes. Adding multiple Souls additively improves the chance. The chance is reduced as the current Skill Lv increases.

The formula for the chance of Skill Up is given below:

ChanceSkill Up = (Σ(Chance)Soul × (1 - ⌊LvSkill/100⌋)) × 100%


  • Σ(Chance)Soul is the sum of the chances provided by each Soul in a batch
  • LvSkill is the current Skill Lv before using Souls
  • ⌊LvSkill/100⌋ is the value given by dividing current Skill Lv by 100 and rounding down (to the lower 0.1s place)
    • for example, if the current Skill Lv is 49, then LvSkill/100 is 0.49, and ⌊LvSkill/100⌋ is 0.4
    • this bit of calculation exists because the total chance of Skill Up goes up down by 10% for each time the Skill Lv increases by 10

Suggested Path

Below is a suggested path optimized for the least amount of matching Warrior Soul G and coins consumed.

Skill Level 1→25 25→88 88→100
To Consume 4 20 (Max Auto-Fill) 15 (Max Auto-Fill)

Below is the cumulative cost when skill boosting your units with the aforementioned path.

Rarity Total cost
1 202629
2 401358
3 600087
4 798816
5 997545

Suggested paths to use matching Warrior Soul L for the first few levels. Second path will consume more coins.

Skill Level 1→5 5→25
To Consume 1 5
Skill Level 1→17 17→35 35→49
To Consume 4 5 5

Suggested path to use one matching and one non-matching Warrior Soul L with a few matching Warrior Soul G for the first few levels. This is a good way to utilize Warrior Soul L dropped from lower level event farming quests.

Skill Level 1→5 5→25
To Consume 1x matching Warrior Soul L 3x matching Warrior Soul G + 1x non-matching Warrior Soul L

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