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A weapon type, also called a weapon range, or simply range or weapon, is a property of a card that determines which squares relative to the self-occupied square are checked for enemy units to attack successfully. A successful attack confers a CP bonus to the attacking unit, and this CP bonus is dependent on the weapon type. If none of the squares checked are attacked, then this counts as a miss, which may activate certain skills. Hence, it is impossible to miss with 0.10x ATK penaltyAll range, and it is impossible to successfully attack with Icon weapon nothing.pngNone range. Weapon type also determines the amount of CP a card gains when struck. A weapon type is also a property of the attack itself, and certain skills exploit this by conferring damage multipliers to received attacks of specific weapon types (typically a resistance multiplier < 1x).

Weapon type summary

CP Gain
Name Attack Overkill Damaged
Icon weapon none.pngTypeless 0 0 0
0.45x ATK penaltySlash 5 9 5
0.55x ATK penaltyThrust 6 11 5
1.00x ATK penaltyBlow 12 17 5
0.45x ATK penaltyShot 5 9 5
0.28x ATK penaltyMagic 4 7 5
0.32x ATK penaltyLong Slash 4 8 5
0.26x ATK penaltySnipe 4 6 5
0.10x ATK penaltyAll 1 1 5
Icon weapon nothing.pngNone 0 0 0
Name Icon Range Multiplier
Icon weapon none.pngTypeless 0%
0.45x ATK penaltySlash 45%
0.55x ATK penaltyThrust 55%
1.00x ATK penaltyBlow 100%
0.45x ATK penaltyShot 45%
0.28x ATK penaltyMagic 28%
0.32x ATK penaltyLong Slash 32%
0.26x ATK penaltySnipe 26%
0.10x ATK penaltyAll 10%
Icon weapon nothing.pngNone 0%

Card-enhancing items

Some card-enhancing items have an associated weapon type: Souls for Skill leveling up; and Weapon Licences for limit breaking. Matching a soul and card by weapon type increases the chance to skill level up by the Soul by 2.0x, with the exception of Warrior Souls, which give this bonus to any unit. Limit breaking necessitates using Licences of matching weapon type.

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