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This is a guide to how you can help on the wiki. Anyone can contribute, so long as you register for an account.

Editing articles

The Edit button to the left of the navigation field, which is at the top-right most part of the page. Select it and get to editing! Keep in mind that vandalism is reversible, but the punitive measures you'll face for committing this is not.

When editing articles, please try to write objectively and formally about the topics at hand while using proper English. Avoid writing in the first person, casual figures of speech, spelling and grammatical errors, et cetera unless appropriate for the situation. Information should be accurately and concisely conveyed, and article contributions should reflect this goal.

Adding images

To include an existing image, use Insert→Picture gallery (icon is a group of photos) in the tool header just above the editing field. To add a new image, you may either directly upload it to the article (this will make it available for all other articles without the need to upload for next time) by clicking "Select File" in the tool header (icon is an up arrow pointing away from a tray), or you can select the "Upload file" hyperlink in the left navigation banner underneath the Tools section.

Rich text

Rich text refers to special modifications to text such as bolding and italicizing. Bolding is achieved by surrounding text with three apostrophes on either side, italicizing by two. Other features such as text coloring may be done through HTML tags.


You may refer to other articles by surrounding text of the target article's name in [[double brackets]]. You may also change the display text by separating the target article name from the display text, as in [[target|display]].


It is recommended you use a mediawiki table generator tool from an external online source, rather than making tables manually through plain text modification. The tool header also has a basic feature for creating tables, if you just need a simple one quickly. See here for more info on tables.

Using templates

Templates are a native feature of mediawiki (the framework this fan wiki uses), and greatly reduce workload by having something intended for repeated use across different articles to be called with a template invocation. They can also have specific parameters that allow for specific changes to a called template for the given invocation instance. They can be difficult to understand, however. Refer to the examples on existing pages to see how they can be used. To invoke a template, put double curly brackets ("{{" and "}}") and type the template name between them. Separate template arguments with pipes: |. Example: {{Transient icon|Surtr|rarity=3}}. Some popular templates are listed below:

Basic templates

These templates are commonly used in many different sections of the wiki.

Translation templates

These templates are often used to write translations for units.

Strategy templates

The following templates are useful for making strategy pages for transients.

Navbox templates

Navboxes are used for navigational purposes on the wiki and are usually put in the bottom of a page.

Infobox templates

These templates create compact and pretty information boxes. They are rather complicated and take multiple different arguments. It is recommended to check existing uses of these templates before using them yourself.

Masterdata templates

Other "templates" refer are datacalls to a database of information directly datamined from the game and kept on the wiki manager's own server User:Barry. They are parsed and the output is modified by his scripts on his server. Because these data calls refer to serial IDs and not human-readable IDs, their usage can be quite limiting. Browsing these is currently not possible except through bruteforcing their invocations on a test wiki page (you may preview the page without creating them). Some examples are below.

Maintenance templates

These templates need to get manually updated as the game updates over time. They're not used by themselves, but rather as parts of other more complicated templates.

Other templates

These templates are either used in specific cases, less common or rather complicated but they can also be encountered on this wiki.

Creating pages

You can create a new page that does not exist yet by simply typing the page name in question. This will lead you to a notice indicating it does not exist, as well as an option to create the page. Popular pages for creation include skill pages, character pages, translations for Special Quests, and story concepts.

Deleting pages

Regular users cannot delete pages. If you wish to delete a page, make a request in the forms of communication indicated in the next section.

Moving pages

You can move a page to a new one with a different name by pressing the "Move" button fro, the "More" menu in the top right corner of the page. You can either leave a redirect to the new page or not, effectively deleting the page with the previous name. Before removing a redirect, make sure no other pages link to the one that will get moved (it can be checked by pressing the "What links here" button in the left sidebar).

Talk pages and other forms of editor-editor communication

Every article has a talk page and most have a comment section, and you can use them as a place to discuss changes in the article. Alternatively, you may also use the wiki Discord server to discuss in real time with other wiki contributors. The Discord server can also be used for help in writing the wiki articles.

Additional resources

This page only covers the basics of wiki editing. For a more in-depth guide and documentation consider browsing the following websites:


Semantic MediaWiki

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