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A Seed is an item that permanently enhance card properties. The seed or seeding of a card also refers to the amount a card property has been enhanced by Seeds. Seeding refers to the act of using a Seed. Cards cannot be seeded indefinitely as a maximum seeding limit exists, the exact amount of which depends on the property being enhanced.

Types of Seed

The types of seeds can be categorized by the maximum seeding each permits. These can further be divided into four classes of seed, each enhancing a different card property. The seeds and their categories are tabulated below.

Maximum seeding
+1000 +15 +10
HP ATK Level Limit Skill activation rate (%)
+1 Lesser HP Seed Lesser ATK Seed Level Seed Skill Seed
+3 HP Seed ATK Seed
+10 Greater HP Seed Greater ATK Seed

Pooling across cards of the same unit

A given named unit may have several cards under their name, such as Licht having 3 cards ( Licht, Licht, and Licht (Valentine). Seeding is pooled across all such sibling cards when seeding a particular unit. Thus, all sibling cards benefit equally from existing seeding and are enhanced equally from future seeding.

Coin cost

Seeding a card costs Coins, and the exact amount depends on which property you wish to enhance, as well as how much the card has been already seeded for that property.

HP and ATK Seeds

For HP and ATK Seeds, the coin cost calculation is below:

Coinsinstance = nslots_filled×(100 + 50×⌊preseeding/10⌋)


  • preseeding is the seeding the given property already has before the current seeding
  • ⌊preseeding/10⌋ is the value given by dividing the preseeding by 10 and rounding down (to the lower 1s place)
    • for example, if the preseeding is 47, then preseeding/10 is 4.7, and ⌊preseeding/10⌋ is 4
    • this bit of calculation exists because the price of enhancement goes up by 50 for each time the preseeding increases by 10
  • nslots_filled is the number of item slots used to enhance the given property with Seeds (maximum 5 slots used)

The total cost of HP or ATK seeding up to the seeding limit of 1000 is dependent on which quality of seeds are used (Lesser, regular, or Greater) and how they are batched during each enhancement instance. The worst case cost scenario is exclusively using Lesser Seeds from 0 to 1000 seeding. This cost and its corresponding calculation is below:

= 2×[i=0,99]Σ(100 + 50i)
=515 000

At worst, to fully seed either HP or ATK, 515 000 Coins need to be expended. To fully seed both, you would need double at 1 030 000 Coins, a bit over 1 million.

The best case cost scenario is exclusively using Greater Seeds from 0 to 1000 seeding. This cost and its corresponding calculation is below.

= [i=0,19]Σ(100 + 250i)
= 49500

At best, to fully seed either HP or ATK, 49500 need to be expended. To fully seed both, you would need double at 99000, a bit under 100K.

Thus, the cost range to fully seed either HP or ATK is 49500 ~ 515 000 Coins, and the cost to fully seed both is 99000 ~ 1 030 000 Coins.

Level and Skill Seeds

For Level and Skill Seeds, the coin calculation is below:

Coinsinstance = 500 000×(preseeding + 1)

Unlike HP or ATK Seeds, both Level and Skill Seeds cannot be batched together in a single enhancement instance; i.e. they must be used one at a time. Thus, the cost for fully Level or Skill seeding a card does not change. The total cost for fully Level or Skill seeding a card (to +15 or +10, respectively) and its corresponding calculation is below.

= 500 000×[i=0,14]Σ(i + 1)
= 60 000 000

= 500 000×[i=0,9]Σ(i + 1)
= 27 500 000

The total amount to fully seed Level Limit is 60 million Coins, and to fully seed Skill activation rate is 27.5 million Coins. To fully seed both, you need 87.5 million Coins. Because Level and Skill seeding are this prohibitively expensive, this feature is sometimes considered end-game content.


In the same vein as HP/ATK seeds, HP/ATK Blossoms enhance the stats of a card up to +2000 after it has hit the maximum limit of +1000 through seeding.

Maximum Stat Enhancement with Blossoms
+1 Lesser HP Blossom Lesser ATK Blossom
+3 HP Blossom ATK Blossom
+10 Greater HP Blossom Greater ATK Blossom

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