Gacha:Battle of the Bells! An Ikebukuro Christmas (2019 Re-release)

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Gacha:Battle of the Bells! An Ikebukuro Christmas(2019 Re-release)
Duration From December 25, 2019 at 18:00 until December 31, 2019 at 23:59


Card(s) Rate (single) Rate (multi)
Icon frame rarity 5.pngAether element icon.pngThrust weapon icon.png 0.729% 1.45%
Icon frame rarity 4.pngFire element icon.pngShot weapon icon.pngIcon frame rarity 4.pngNether element icon.pngBlow weapon icon.pngIcon frame rarity 4.pngWater element icon.pngMagic weapon icon.png 1.79% 9.549%
Icon frame rarity 3.pngAether element icon.pngBlow weapon icon.png 6.359% N/A
Other ☆5 0.039% 0.079%
Other ☆4 0.145% 0.774%
Other ☆3 0.657% N/A