Gacha:2022 Grab Bag Part 1

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2022 Grab Bag Part 1
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Duration January 01, 2022 00:00 to January 27, 2022 23:59


For this year, the way the Grab Bag works has been changed. Instead of spending 50 paid-only Transient Stones on the banners, you now buy a special new years pack that comes with: 75x Transient Stones, 1000x Rainbow Shards and either Grab Bag Ticket or AR Grab Bag Ticket depending on if you bought the AR or the Transient Grab Bag pack. You then use the ticket for a multi on a special banner that opens on January 1st.

The functionality of the pulls itself have changed too. The transient banner has been split into 2 based on attributes. This one contains event variants of Element fire.pngFIRE,Element water.pngWATER, Element earth.pngWOOD and Element world.pngWORLD attributes. Every 4 ☆ and 5 ☆ is now only event variants.

Card(s) Rate (1-8th pulls) Rate (9th pull) Rate (10th pull)
Limited 0.095% 0.095% 4.761%
Limited 0.514% 2.8% N/A
0.833% N/A N/A