Gacha:2024 AR Grab Bag

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2024 AR Grab Bag
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Duration January 01, 2024 00:00 to February 02, 2024 23:59


Just like last year the way to roll on the Grab Bag banner remains the same: you can buy a special new years pack that comes with: 75x Transient Stones, 1000x Rainbow Shards and either x2 Grab Bag Ticket or x2 AR Grab Bag Ticket depending on if you bought the AR or the Transient Grab Bag pack. You then use the ticket for a multi on a special banner that opens on January 1st.

Card(s) Rate (1-8th pulls) Rate (9th pull) Rate (10th pull)
0.035% 0.035% 1.754%
0.268% 1.462% N/A
2.051% N/A N/A