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Agisymba is one of the worlds that are participating in The Game. The world is named after the lost, unidentified country in central Africa found in Ptolemy's writings during the 2nd century AD.[1]

Its World Representative is Unknown icon.pngOnyankopon.

Its Exile is currently unknown.


Not much is known about Agisymba as of now.


Transients of Agisymba
Unknown icon.png


  • Originally, Agisymba was named Heliopolis, determined via datamining. Why this was changed is currently unknown.
  • After many years of the 23rd world being shrouded in mystery, its name was finally revealed during Valentine Crossroad.[2]13

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Anonymous user: 2f715678
No. 18940
one month ago
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hopefully that Catoblepas should including in this world considering of his Ethiopian creature...
Anonymous user: 926c16c2
No. 18684
3 months ago
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Anonymous user: 268cc695
No. 18421
4 months ago
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Praying for an Anansi transient or another revered African deity as a transient soon!
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