Nullify Debuff

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Nullify Debuff
Notes Nullify Debuff (vanishes after use)
Description Prevent receiving debuff once for 4 turns. Vanishes after use.
Duration 4
Base Value Maximum Value
Used Skills

Blocks 1 negative debuff from an enemy. Lasts 4 turns.

Exhaustion trigger in status-inhibiting cases

This buff is exhausted by a particular debuff even if the card that holds Nullify Debuff would otherwise not be affected to that status. This includes the following cases:

  • If the card already has both the debuff and Nullify Debuff. For example, if a card is Poisoned, it would not be affected by another Poison debuff, since statuses of the same name do not stack and do not overwrite the pre-extant status. Despite this, a card that carries both Poison and Nullify Debuff will exhaust Nullify Debuff when another Poison infliction is attempted.
  • If the card is "immune" to the status by a skill or an AR card effect. For example, Dark Lords confers resistance to Poison to the equipping unit. However, an attempt to inflict Poison will still exhaust Nullify Debuff on the character card that equips this AR card.

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