Poison Reversal

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Poison Reversal毒反転
Type BuffAffected by statuses related to buffs, e. g. Spread Buffs or Nullify Buff.
Description When user is Poisoned: ATK Up by 2x, DEF Up by 0.6x, +400HP/turn for 1 turn.
Duration 1
Tags Conditional, ATK up, DEF up, Increase HP
Base Value Maximum Value
Used Skills


Condition only refers to Poison-100~-200HP/turn for 5 turns (Debuff), NOT Fatal Poison-200~-400HP/turn for 5 turns (Debuff). Acts as a blank buff if the condition of holding Poison is not satisfied, i.e. it will not boost the holding unit at all.

Status usage

See Poison Reversal/Used Skills for more details
Base Skill Antibody Generator (self, allies)
Antibody Factory (self, allies)
First Deity of the Five Grains (self, allies)
     Shennong (Summer)
Impertinence (x1.5)
Impertinence Mocker (x2)