Duplicate Buff (for bestowing skills)

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Duplicate Buff (for bestowing skills)強化単体複製(ばらまきスキル用)
Type DebuffAffected by statuses related to debuffs, e. g. Nullify Debuff or Reflect Debuff.
Notes Copy Single Buff
Description The inflicting card remembers a buff of the target, but not copied for self. Duration of buff is reset and original Status Lv is maintained. Used with Distribute Buff.
Duration 1
Tags Status-related
Base Value Maximum Value
Used Skills

Used with Distribute Buff. The Status Lv is remembered too, and when the buff is channeled to an allied card through Distribute Buff, this Status Lv is inherited (i.e. it is not dependent on the caster's Sacred Artifact Lv). Also paired with Remove Buff to "steal" a buff.

Status usage

See Duplicate Buff (for bestowing skills)/Used Skills for more details

Base Skill Tricky Tanuki (enemies)
Gifter (enemies)
Hermit Gifter (enemies)
Charge Skill Goemon (enemies)
Goemon (enemies)
Kimun Kamui (enemies)
Kimun Kamui (enemies)
Hotei (enemies)
Hotei (enemies)