Distribute Debuff

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Distribute Debuff弱体単体散布
Type DebuffAffected by statuses related to debuffs, e. g. Nullify Debuff or Reflect Debuff.
Description The target receives a remembered debuff from the inflictor. Used with Duplicate Debuff (for inflicting skills).
Duration 1
Tags Status-related
Base Value Maximum Value
Used Skills

Status usage

See Distribute Debuff/Used Skills for more details

Base Skill Tricky Tanuki (enemies)
恵ませる者 (allies)
     Fire Trickster
     Water Trickster
     Wood Trickster
     Aether Trickster
     Nether Trickster
     Infernal Trickster
     Valiant Trickster
     World Trickster