Charm Resistance

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Charm Resistance魅了耐性
Type BuffAffected by statuses related to buffs, e. g. Spread Buffs or Nullify Buff.
Notes Nullify Charm
Description Acquire skill for 4 turns: [Status Resistance] Remove Charm / 100%
Duration 4
Tags Skill acquisition
Base Value Maximum Value

This status grants the user the following skill:

Nullify Charm
JP Name 魅了無効
Trigger timing Status ResistanceTriggers directly before receiving any status. Prevents given statuses from being applied at all and removes those already present.
Effect CharmCannot attack for 3 turns (Debuff)
Proc Chance 100%

Transients with 魅了無効

No transients found that satisfy the search criteria.

Status usage

See Charm Resistance/Used Skills for more details
Base Skill Scolding Self-Indulgence (allies)
     Shiva (Summer)