Burn Resistance

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Burn Resistance火傷耐性
Type BuffAffected by statuses related to buffs, e. g. Spread Buffs or Nullify Buff.
Description Acquire skill for 4 turns: [Status Resistance] Remove Burn / 100%
Duration 4
Tags Skill acquisition
Base Value Maximum Value

This status grants the user the following skill:

JP Name 火傷無効
Trigger timing Status ResistanceTriggers directly before receiving any status. Prevents given statuses from being applied at all and removes those already present.
Effect Burn-300~-600HP/turn for 5 turns (Debuff)
Proc Chance 100%

Transients with 火傷無効

No transients found that satisfy the search criteria.

Status usage

See Burn Resistance/Used Skills for more details
AR Skill This One's for the Summer Seas! (self, allies)