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Gandharva's Character Quest

Episode 1: 狂奔の奏者 (Wild Player) 

Level 20
Required Stamina 5
Rank XP Given 50 10 per stamina
Card XP Given 400 80 per stamina
Board size 4x3
Award Transient Stone x1
Enemies Drops
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3

Character Quest Translation

Frenzy Tuner
[Translated by Kukuru]

Gandharva's CQ: [Frenzy Tuner]

Location: Tokyo Casino

The cube of wisdom. Their emotions will be washed away. There is a lot of "weight" in this grieving world.

However, that man, he is like a mirage whose soul is not bound to the Earth's gravitational pull.

A depraved monk immersed in sake like a baby's first bath, enjoying the inspection of the remaining noise.

When the moment of joy occurs, the soul trembles. That is all there is to it.

Hence today, he is the bud of the near future, frequenting and gambling away on the gaming block, drinking sake and playing instruments.

The name of that depraved monk is Gandharva. He is who resides high in the heavens, residing on an empty seat.

After a series of attacks on the Tokyo Casino, the casino lost its core management due to the disappearance of Hakumen.

Afterwards, the administrative rights goes to the leader who manages the other factions of the Roppongi Guidl, and taking the role of Guild Master of the Ikebukuro Guild in their own hands.

With Roppongi and Ikebukuro taking measures together, the Tokyo Casino was making a fast recovery.

However, the underground gambling city of Little Wa No Kuni, the public safety of the "city" worsened due to the absence of the general manager.

With ill-mannered gamblers acting conceited, troubles involving gambling are a natural occurance. The mania died out and instead became a dangerous slum town.

On that day, [Player] visited that place again as a Claude's associate.

In essence, to navigate through the illegal areas, they needed to adopt the task of a bodyguard.

Their true motives are to intervene in the incidents that occured in the city as a result of the transformation.

To not resort to brute strength as a bodyguard, they are being evaluated by their abilities.

They are unsure of what they can offer, so they are acting cautiously. It's as if a nail was inserted by Shirou.

Claude expression neutral.png

...... Well, I'll be fine here, my strongman, [Player].

Claude:(smile face)
You have done an admirable job.
I promise I will give you a fine reward for your work.

Claude stopped at the door and began talking to [Player].

3 options (Same Response)
What is up with this place? Can't you get back by yourself......? What are you trying to do?

Claude expression joy.png

Hahaha. Don't jump to conclusions like that.
I only wanted to see your powers again, that's all.

Claude expression sad.png

Forgive me for my little joke.
However, from this point on, only authorized personel can get through here.

Claude expression neutral.png

I will allow you to roam freely around the city for a while.
After I finish my business, I will send Snow your way.

Snow expression neutral.png

I will accompany the young master for now.
It pains me to say that you will have to wait for me.

Snow expression neutral.png

I assume [Player]-sama has noticed it by now;
the public safety of Little Wa No Kuni has worsened.

Snow expression angry.png

By no means, do not walk into an alleyway with very few people around.
Please take care.

Snow:(worried face)
There is an outlaw strutting around at this block.
Your safety is not guaranteed, so please be cautious.

2 options (Same Response)
You're gonna leave me alone in a dangerous place like this?! That's pretty discouraging......

Snow expression neutral.png

In case of a problem,
please consult to the black-clothed Kurohuku residing in the station on the mainstreet.

Snow expression smile.png

Ah. I believe it is almost time.
We shall be going now.

Claude expression joy.png

Ah, no problem.
I will see you again soon, [Player].

2 options
Uh...... Get back soon......
Claude expression joy.png

Hahaha, if that's a request from my strongman, then I can't turn that down.

Claude:(cheerful face)
Well then, we'll get back as soon as possible. Just wait till then, [Player].

Claude and Snow disappeared after entering inside. The sounds of coldheartedness echoes as the door closes.

Only [Player] was left behind, all alone in the middle of the desolate city.

Salomon-kun expression crying.png

Wahaaa...... We should have gone with those people!
This is too much for the master!

Salomon-kun expression suggestive.png

What do you think, master?
Just the two of us on a date, alone in this horrendously dangerous city......

Salomon-kun expression neutral.png

Well, there's no other choice then.
I'm fairly unfamiliar with this area, so I'll go get a map.

Looking at the map that Salomon-kun grabbed from somewhere, [Player] takes a stroll around the gloomy underground city.

Old-fashioned wooden buildings stand side by side, with lanterns glowing in the frontage. The streams quietly flow through the canals of the glowing city.

The scenery is exactly like the good old-fashioned Japanese scenery. Looking past the stern faces of the passerbys, it is a charming city.

Salomon-kun expression happy.png

It's truly a marvelous city, master.
I wonder if Tokyo used to be like this too.

Salomon-kun expression neutral.png

The warm light from the lanterns, the scent of the incense in the air,
and the sounds of instruments playing too......

Salomon-kun expression naughty.png

Hmm? Sounds of instruments......?
The sounds have a slight exotic feeling to them.

1 option
...... That's an interesting sound.

Salomon-kun expression crying.png

Hey, master!
What happened? What are you trying to do......!

Salomon-kun expression crying.png

I-It's a bad idea to go over there!
You were told not to enter alleyways!

Salomon-kun expression crying.png

Besides, don't forget what kind of trip this is......!
W-Wait, don't goooooooooo!!

[Player] walked towards the direction where the sound was coming from, as if they are being lured in by it.

After passing through rows of tenement houses in the eerie alleyway, they finally arrived in a spacious area with a water well.

There was an avian wrapped in gaudy garments, sitting on the edge of the well, playing a stringed instrument.

Gandharva expression neutral.png

I didn't expect someone to show up here.
It looks like we meet again.

It turned out to be Gandharva, carrying a lovely sitar in his hands.

They did not imagine that a person with an unrefined body could play an instrument and produce a gentle, soothing melody.

Gandharva expression smirk.png

It seems this fellow is concerned about the tune.
I shouldn't throw away my efforts just yet.

Gandharva expression sad.png

There's still some continuation in this melody.
Care to stick around a while longer?

When Gandharva turned his attention to the instrument, he strum the strings once more.

His fingers danced on the 19 metal strings. The rhythm of the melody was fierce, yet gentle.

Their ears were pulled in by the tune, the sweet fragrance hanging around their noses respectively.

Falling into an illusion like one's mind becoming hazy, the melody being played by the avian came to a close.

Gandharva expression neutral.png

Becoming fatigued to an experienced musician,
and you had such an ecstatic expression on your face.

Gandharva expression smirk.png

What would you like for me to play?
A small song, a short story?

Gandharva proceeded to play his next song without waiting for [Player]'s answer.

The sweet aroma increasingly clouds their mind; a mysterious sensation envelops [Player].

[Player] then became completely captivated on the spot.

Gandharva expression neutral.png

Thank you for listening.
It's a pleasure to perform again for a good audience.

After saying that, Gandharva puts his sitar away.

Gandharva expression neutral.png

It must be fate for us to meet again here.
Will you be doing anything fun after this?

Gandharva expression sad.png

Ever since "Hakumen" disappeared,
there hasn't been enough excitement.

Gandharva expression smirk.png

This town...... is a fun place to be.
Gambling is full of excitement and thrills.

Gandharva expression neutral.png

Hey now, there's no need to fear.
If you're a beginner, then I'll teach you the basics.

2 options (Same Response)
...... Let's go. My body is moving on its own......

Salomon-kun expression crying.png

Whaa...... Master!
You shouldn't accept his shady invitation!

Salomon-kun expression crying.png

Aaah, my eyes are meeeelting!!
What is this scent and music......

Gandharva expression smirk.png

I'm glad. Shall we go then?
Let me teach you an easy game to remember.

Gandharva expression tasty.png

...... Welcome to the adult playground, my lord, [Player]-sama.

Salomon-kun expression crying.png

Waaaah, my alarm-clock-slap-attack isn't working!
Master, snap out of it! Maaaaster!!

Gandharva and [Player] entered a shop lit by a faint light.

After moving through the dark corridors and reaching the innermost room, Gandharva urges [Player] to go inside.

Inside were a few wide tatami mats. The size was slightly proportional to the lighting. In addition, there were savage men there.

The lineup were making generous compliments, along with an uneasy feeling in the air.

Gandharva expression neutral.png

Say, how do you like the mood? Care to join us?

Gandharva entered the circle with no hesitation.

[Player], holding a shoulder, was slowly drawn in by Gandharva.

Oni: Hoh, this kid...... I never seen their face before.
They got guts to take a seat here in this household.

Oni: I'm gonna do some inspecting.
Are you involved in tehonbiki too?

Oni: Hold up, this kid's an amateur.
This is gonna be a tough one.

Gandharva expression smirk.png

Loose gambling shouldn't be sexual, don't you agree, my lord?

Gandharva laughs suggestingly while looking at [Player]'s face.

Gandharva's bewitching expression was sucking them in, along with a sweet smell tickling their noses.

1 option
...... Yeah.

Oni: Heh. Aren't you a special one.
I wouldn't miss out on seeing a crying kid's face after a beating.

Oni: This boy is- Ah right.
Why not use that soft body of yours as collateral for pay?

With a vulgar joke from the bookmaker, those who are in the room burst into laughter.

Gandharva expression neutral.png

Hey now, there's no need to be afraid.
I anticipated that something like this would happen.

Gandharva expression tasty.png

Now, how about... we get crazy?

Urged by Gandharva's ecstatic face for lust, [Player] takes a seat in the gambling room.

Gandharva expression neutral.png

There's all sorts of gambling.
Tehonbiki is one of the highest social status gambling.

Gandharva expression neutral.png

Do you know the rules of Tehonbiki?

2 options
I'm aware. I don't know them.
Gandharva expression smirk.png

Excellent. You play quite a lot at this age.

Gandharva expression neutral.png

Ah, it's fairly simple.
You must pick a card out of the 6 that matches the gamemaker's.

Gandharva expression sad.png

Pick out a card that nobody can see, wrap it in a cloth and present it to the gamemaker.

Gandharva expression sad.png

We'll take a guess on what that card is. It can take up to 4 candidates.

Gandharva expression neutral.png

Of course, 1 point can get up to 4 points.

Gandharva expression smirk.png

To savor the best orgasm, 1 point will be a "conjecture."

The first hand, "Shona," comes to an end. The bets at last came.

Oni: Alright then, let's begin.
Let's hope for the best.

Just like that, the bookmaker reeled in small cards from behind his back.

Gandharva expression neutral.png

The guy showing off his habits, hand movements, and gestures.
Everything is the basis for decision.

Gandharva expression serious.png

Conjectures and anticipation, whatever he picks out in his nature......
You should be able to find it.

Gandharva's voice whispered closely to [Player]'s ear.

Paying no attention to the voice that they heard, [Player] concentrated on the man's movement in front of him.

Oni: ...... Now, the money's come in.
Here's your chance to make a living!

Gandharva expression neutral.png

Well, what would you wager? [Player]-sama.

2 options (Same Response)
Either "3" or "5" ...... No. I'll go with the card "3."

Gandharva expression tasty.png

Heheh~...... I see.

Oni: Ohoh, a reckless conjecture right from the start.
Alright, I'll buy into that.

Oni: Well then, play your hand..... Game on!

The bookmaker Oni rang the card "3." It matched the card that [Player] waged.

The room was in utter awe, as if striking home happened for the first time.

Oni: I don't believe it......! A big win!
Aren't ya lucky for a beginner?

Oni: Interesting...... Then here is a written challenge from me.

Oni: On the next turn, if you can hit the jackpot again,
I will double the share.

Oni: But, if you lose, you'll be broke in an instant.
Well then, are ya in?

Gandharva expression neutral.png

Hoh, isn't that an interesting offer?
Such a thoughtless rule to come about.

Gandharva expression smirk.png

How about it, [Player]-sama?
Are you set on making a big gamble?

1 option
I'll do it.

Ninja: Are they serious......?
They don't seem to be the type to pull off something like that.

Kuruhoku: Heh. They're just giving lip-service just 'cause they got lucky.
They'll be crying in a bit.

Gandharva expression tasty.png

Such backbone...... It's such a chilling feeling, isn't it, my lord?

Soon after, many games occured. [Player] then achieved victory each time.

Once again, the voices of the avian entices [Player], putting them in a trance.

However, the people in the situation felt out of place due to the one who's been winning a lot.

Kuruhoku: Hey, wait a minute! Doesn't it seem strange to you?
There's no way they could win this many times!

Ninja: Y-Yeah......! Something isn't right here!!

Ninja: You... You must be doing some dirty trick here!

1 option
There's no trick involved......!

Gandharva expression sad.png

There is no doubt about it, my lord. There is indeed a trick involved.
This person is truly blessed with the gift for gambling.

Gandharva expression smirk.png

I witnessed it myself, they're going mad with jealousy...... because of you, kid.

Ninja: Shut your mouth! How dare you play your dirty tricks here!

Kuruhoku: I knew something was up! Guys, let's get 'em!!

OOOOOOH!! Raising their voices, the children on the surrounding mats attacked all at once.

Gandharva expression neutral.png

Uh oh, they're in a bad mood.
Looks like we have no choice then.

Gandharva expression smirk.png

How about we get out of the way, my lord?

Despite saying that, Gandharva's expressions looks as if he anticipated all this.

3 options
You look awfully happy. I shouldn't have come here. My arms are trembling...
Gandharva expression surprised.png

Ohoh, does it seem that way?
I didn't think I could express emotions in my expressions.

Gandharva expression smirk.png

Does it seem to be on purpose......? Hahaha!

Gandharva expression smirk.png

Come now, don't say that.
Enjoying a brawl in the gambling room is quite the thrill.

Gandharva expression smirk.png

Hoh, have you figured it out?
After all, there is something that you should see.

Gandharva expression neutral.png

Well, let's begin. Lead the way, small fry.

Ninja: Talking shit again! I'll make sure to break that beak of yours!

Ninja: Oraaa!! Prepare yourselves!


Kuruhoku: Guaaaah!! How is that brat this strong?!

Ninja: At any rate, we shouldn't be struggling with a kid and that bird guy!

Ninja: That damned kid! Brushing us off like we're fools!

Gandharva expression neutral.png

...... Sheesh. Gangs nowadays are awfully persistent.

2 options (Same Response)
An instrument? What are you planning to do?

Gandharva expression smirk.png

Take a look. You should be able to remember this.

Gandharva slid his fingers across the sitar strings. As a result, the movement of the mobs came to a stop.

It was the same melody that [Player] heard a while ago. A sweet aroma hangs in the air once more.

2 options (Same Response)
This feeling- It's the same as before.

Gandharva expression neutral.png

They stopped breathing temporarily, my lord.
Going easy on them isn't part of my "character."

[Player] stopped breathing as a result of the sitar's strong melody.

And just like that, the faces of the mobs have become senile.

The glares towards [Player] eventually faced off into the air.

As much as to say, "it's alright," [Player]'s back was struck from behind-

Gandharva laughed sneeringly.

Gandharva expression smirk.png

Now - wanna get crazy?

Ninja: ...... Hey, you. I remember from the other day.

Ninja: Whaat......? You just happened to be playing something yesterday.

Unanimously, someone from the gang made a fuss. Ultimately, it caused someone to get punched.

Ninja: Ugh, asshole!! You're in for it now!!

Kuruhoku: Bring it on!! I'll crush ya!!

Picking up on the melody from the sitar, [Player] was under the influence as well. They then took it out on the air by flailing around.

It is as if they are being deceived by a mirage, throwing fists towards the day after tomorrow, occasionally hitting their friends.

As they kept going on and on, the mobs destroyed themselves one by one.

Oni: Well well - they all got knocked out.
I might as well call it a day.

In front of [Player]'s eyes, the mobs all collapsed.

Gandharva expression sad.png

Aah...... I see. I feel bad for destroying the place.

Oni: You caused all of this, didn't ya? The gambling den got destroyed.

Gandharva expression sad.png

I guess it's just a bad hobby of mine.
I should've been more careful.

Gandharva expression neutral.png

Well then...... I'm completely exhausted.
Let's head back for today, [Player]-sama.

Gandharva then took [Player] out of the gambling room, leaving behind the heapes of corpses.

Gandharva expression neutral.png

Hmm? Ah. That nature is "just like me."

Gandharva expression neutral.png

The fragrance that comes from my body,
you will be driven to a frenzy and recklessness if you catch a whiff of it.

Gandharva expression sad.png

That's what aroused my former lord. I know I done a bad deed but-

Gandharva expression smirk.png

I'm blessed to see something so enthralling.
I'd have to thank you for that, my lord.

Gandharva paused and took a look at [Player].

Gandharva expression neutral.png

You are quite the match. I am fascinated to see something so beautiful involuntarily.

Gandharva expression tasty.png

As I expected...... No, there's a further possibility that you have a knack for professional gambling.

3 options
I doubt it. How can you tell? Should I show you more?
Gandharva expression smirk.png

Why do you think I boast about it so?
I'll also tell you of another game in the near future.

Gandharva expression neutral.png

I haven't done anything.
Your strength clearly brought you victory.

Gandharva expression smirk.png

To be blunt...... Your fighting spirit tickles my nose a little.

Gandharva expression tasty.png

Ooh...... Show me more. Your lovely winning figure.

Gandharva expression tasty.png

That look makes me unintentionally wet - It's becoming a bad habit~.

Gandharva expression neutral.png

Now, here are your earnings. Take them.

Gandharva presented [Player] a pouch packed with a lot of coins.

The large amount of money was fascinating. When they take it home, Shirou will be delighted to hold his head in an accounting book.

However, as far as they could tell, the sheer amount of money may be too much for a mere student.

2 options
I'm gonna give this back to those people. You can have it, Gandharva.
Gandharva expression surprised.png

Is the earnings too much for ya?
Certainly this would send a small child crawling.

Gandharva expression surprised.png

I'm not interested in money gained from other people.
You don't want it despite that you earned it?

3 options (Same Response)
I don't deserve this money...... The game was fun. That's enough.

Gandharva expression smirk.png

...... Fufufu, wahahahah!
That's right, the game itself was fun-

Gandharva expression neutral.png

A great chap like you isn't obsessed with money at all. Kukuku~.

After laughing for some time, Gandharva looked straight at [Player] and spoke.

Gandharva expression neutral.png

My lord. I believe "instinct" is the most truthful.

Gandharva expression smirk.png

That's right. If living things are not honest,
would the species have perished a long time ago?

Gandharva expression neutral.png

However, people have reasons behind their instincts,
deviating from their emotions and causing mistakes in their decisions.

Gandharva expression sad.png

From past experiences, "it won't turn out as well" ......
In the future, "I'll be saving some money."

Gandharva expression neutral.png

And so, relying on "instinct" will lead to your own demise-
that is the saga of living things.

After the little speech, he reached his hand and lifted up [Player]'s chin with his finger.

Gandharva expression sad.png

But, you are the "past" and the "future."
The "past" and the "future" are nowhere to be seen in this Tokyo.

Gandharva expression neutral.png

The "past" is not bound, and cannot be linked to the "future."
Such a temporary way of living......

Gandharva expression smirk.png

The way you are, such as the situation of Tehonbiki,
showing sincerity and kindheartedness will bring you good luck.

Gandharva's pupils became like the bird of prey, and fixed his gaze on [Player].

Gandharva expression sad.png

Yes, my lord of the "present" is not here.
It appears that the Castle in the Sky detached itself from this world.

Gandharva expression neutral.png

I found out at last. On that day,
your soul was drawn to the Tokyo Casino-

Affection was growing, lust was coming about...... An awfully ecstatic, optimistic gaze.

Gandharva expression tasty.png

It's good, sir. It's been a long while since I been this aroused.

Gandharva expression neutral.png

I am proud to be a gambler. I don't intend on making you my lord.

Gandharva expression smirk.png

It seems that the big gamble has set my fate;
it was such a delicious sensation.

Snow:( face)
[Player]-sama, I have come to get you. Where will you be coming from?

Gandharva expression surprised.png

Ohoh, it seems they're calling out for you.
It's just not my day today.

3 options
I want to play with Gandharva bit more. I don't plan on going back today. I should go now.
Gandharva expression neutral.png

I'm flattered, but you should head back for today.

Gandharva expression sad.png

You must'nt become a man who makes their own crib the gambling room.

Gandharva expression sad.png

Don't poke fun of the adults.
Especially myself, a professional gambler.

Gandharva expression tasty.png

If you were to become...... Ah yes, it's merely a burn, is it not?

Gandharva expression neutral.png

Ah. That's reasonable for a kid like yourself.
You should get going.

Gandharva expression neutral.png

Don't fret. I'll take care of the money; I'll give it back to the bookmaker.

Gandharva expression smirk.png

Then, I'll be seeing you again, if fate calls for it.

Gandharva expression tasty.png

I will be delighted to take you to the gambling room again.

Gandharva making his parting words, he left while drinking from the sake bottle that was hanging from his waist.

The sweet aroma thinned out from the air; the same aroma that drives you mad and go on a frenzy.

A memory of experiencing the excitement from that place, a memory that they will not forget for a long time.

Character Quest: Gandharva Episode 1 END