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Doubt anyone will see this, but shrug. I don't know where else to address it, but seeing as the English translation is finally rolling out, I'm leaving a list of terms and phrases to use for the sake of consistency. I'm not listing everything, just keywords everyone adjusted to.

To Use In Place Of
Wood Grass, Earth
Divine Holy, Light, Heavenly
Nether Dark
Transient Transient, Summon
Hallowed Artifact Hallowed Artifact, (charge / jingi I guess too?)

Feel free to add more ideas and I'll edit accordingly.

--Mrquiggles (talk) 18:41, 17 February 2018 (UTC)

Some more notes for later when I or anyone else decides to correct things:

To Use In Place Of
Therian (maybe) Wolf
Asterius, Zabaniyya, Arsalan, Yule, Horkeu Kamuy, Ganglie, Cu Sith, Babalon Asterios, Zabaniya, Arslan, Youl, Horkeukamui, Gouryou, Cusith, Harlot
Aether Divine (what a fast change)
o and u ou and uu (long vowel sounds)

It's worthy to note that the "promotional" (for lack of a better term) card for units who have had their name changed uses a weird aliased Serif font instead of the old, prettier font within the characters page (sidebar of More will be added when people who do have inconsistent access to the unannounced translations grab them. --Mrquiggles (talk) 02:00, 27 March 2018 (UTC)

One more note for the road, now that the actual translation is officially released.

To Use In Place Of
Sacred Artifact Sacred Treasure
Shadow Energy Demon Element/Attribute
Familiars / Transients Summons
Blow, Shot, Slash, Thrust, Magic, Warrior Soul Strike, Ranged, Slash, Pierce, Magic, ALL Skill-Up
Shard, Crystal, Cluster of X Energy Limit Break crystals
Preliminary X Crest, X Crest Proof of Mastery
Seed Kernel (expected)
Ally Points Coop Points or whatever I used
Research Files Investigation Files
A bunch of skill names and descriptions Whatever skill names and descriptions we used

A lot of item, attribute, and weapon translations can easily be adjusted because I planned ahead of time and used templates for these sorts of things, but things like Research Files --Mrquiggles (talk) 12:28, 29 March 2018 (UTC)

While (subjectively) minor things like skill names and descriptions, buffs/debuffs, charge skill names, game terms, etc. etc. don't necessarily need it, we feel that our translations of large pieces of lore like Research Files should be preserved. Taking the Yugioh wiki(a) approach (especially with Mekk-Knight Avram), we can preserve all three copies of the Research Files:

  • the original, Japanese text
  • our translations of the original, Japanese text
  • LifeWonder's translation/localization team's official English text.

We can take it a step forward and somehow go through the thick and thin of including both Traditional and Simplified Chinese copies, and translations from those, but that's going *far* too above and beyond for something as simple as making sure lore is conveyed properly.

I hope that anyone that does tamper with the Research (Investigation) Files pays attention and preserves our translations, even as much as to comment them out. I'm aiming to use a simple template that I can format better later on with the Template:Translations:Research_File template. You can find examples of this in Moritaka and Ashigara. As for updating each housamo's files, it'll be an on-demand basis as it usually is (they'll get done when someone feels like it, or asks). I'll take it upon myself to prioritize limited units (event units and variants), as those units aren't nearly as accessible as other units.

--Mrquiggles (talk) 19:19, 29 March 2018 (CDT)