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(This page is for Kuniyoshi strategy guide. For the standard Kuniyoshi page, click here.)


☆3/☆4 Kuniyoshi

Kuniyoshi deals extra damage to much of the cast due to the prevalence of Blood of the Beast. However, this advantage is ironically attenuated by Tenacity self-bestowed by this skill. Kuniyoshi can function as a CP battery for himself, and his CS enables him to act as a CP battery for his team as well. His role as a damage attenuator and buffer arise with the skill-evolved Beast Hunter+, allowing him to self-proc Concentration, and raising the activation chance to inflict Dazzle through Dreamer.

☆5 Nightmare Kuniyoshi

Example overview.


☆3/☆4 Kuniyoshi

Adapted with permission from the Housamo Gameplay-Based Tier List. Remove this disclaimer when Highlights:☆3/☆4 Kuniyoshi is sufficiently modified.

Class: Disruptive Support

Gameplay Role:


+ Default CP on demand just by moving and LB1 ensures he’ll reach his Charge faster, which by itself is a great CP battery for him and his allies.

+ LB2 Bewitched is great to reduce incoming damage and stacks with Curse.


- Essentially, he works best as a Bewitched dispenser, the rest is mostly a bonus.

- LB3 ironically a skill that’s approached a lot of the time, but doesn’t make his damage too great due to his attack range and said skill actually reducing damage taken.

☆5 Nightmare Kuniyoshi


Gameplay Role:


+ Example pro


- Example con

Gameplay Role

Example gameplay role breakdown.

Stats and Seed Usage

Unit Max HP (unseeded) Max HP (seeded) Max ATK (unseeded) Max ATK (seeded) Max normal ATK per square (unseeded) Max normal ATK per square (seeded) Max CS ATK per square (unseeded, SALV1) Max CS ATK per square (seeded, SALV1)
Icon frame rarity 3.pngWood element icon.pngMagic weapon icon.png 6180 8160 3693 5285 1034 1480 2068 2959
Icon frame rarity 4.pngWood element icon.pngMagic weapon icon.png 7139 9129 4056 5626 1136 1575 3407 4726
Icon frame rarity 5.pngNether element icon.pngMagic weapon icon.png 8356 10337 5096 6683 1427 1871 2038 2673

Example description

Team Synergy


Although Kuniyoshi has two different skills that boosts his own CP, the activation condition for each has major caveats: Artist requires using the precious resource of moving in turn, and Researcher activates only on the limited phase starts. Licht fills in this blindspot of his with two different ally CP-bestowing skills. Additionally, Licht gains a friendship bonus when one is moved next to the other, increasing the activation rate for both these CP-bestowing effects as well as Licht's Vigor, which stacks nice with Kuniyoshi's Concentration from Beast Hunter+. This would transform Kuniyoshi's role into a lethal CS spammer, being able to build up his CS every 2-3 turns while also dealing massive damage with his 0.28x ATK penaltyMagic-range attack, strengthened by the CS multiplier bonus, Concentration, and Vigor. As a side-effect of Kuniyoshi's CS, CP will be overflowing in abundance to Licht and the other two party members, enabling a constant stream of CSes from the entire party.

Checks and Counters

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Teambuilding Options

This section consists of user-submitted builds that may not necessarily be viable for high level quests.

Arbitrary Team Name

Team Details (submitted by UserName)


【Moveslut, CP Battery】

【Healer, Tank】

【Support unit】

【example of variant call】
Anyone / no one
Cost: ≥X

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Gameplay examples