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Listed below are various resources I developed to improve the public information (particularly numerical information) of this game.

Transient HP/ATK stats sheet here

Various scripts here

The scripts include the following functions:

  • skillCost(): Calculates the cost associated with the optimal skill leveling path (presumes 39 G Warrior Soul Boosts)
  • levelCost(): Calculates the cost associated with the optimal leveling path
  • skillSearch(): Prints mediawiki text I used to exhaustively examine the skill information stored in a certain somebody's datamine dump by skill ID
  • valueWikiTabular(): Prints a cleaned-up copied tabular values from my Transient HP/ATK stats sheet. I use this to quickly paste the mediawiki-formatted values in the strategy templates I make. The columns I copy include the range from "Max HP (unseeded)" to "Max CS ATK per square (seeded, SALV)". This then delimits all the values the strategy template usually hosts, while purging those it normally does not.
  • dungeonXPsplitter(): takes Card Exp reward from battles (script intended for dungeons), the Card Exp required to level a unit to their limit break Exp ceiling (e.g. for whole limit break Exp range i.e. starting from the limit break Exp floor; see Lv for details), and Mentor Exp bonus (from 0 to a max of 0.5, with only 5 units to take with the skill) as input. Returns the amount of experience wasted and the amount of runs needed to reach this Exp ceiling for every possible amount of units brought to battle (from 1 to 5, excluding support).

Strategy templates for every unit at the time of writing (e.g. Licht/Strategy). The bare templates in question are listed below:

Message me at the Tokyo Afterschool Summoners Discord if you have any comments about these resources (my handle is Arathun#0337 presuming I'm still subscribed to Discord Nitro).