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This page may overlap with the official list of bugs here: https://housamo.info/news/bugfix/.

Android 9

Starting with app version 3.4.5, the app currently hangs when trying to download assets from the CDN. Due to the CDN using plaintext HTTP (not HTTPS), the app hangs because of recent security setting changes with Android 9, as per https://developer.android.com/training/articles/security-config#CleartextTrafficPermitted. The current hotfix would be to manually patch the APK itself through private, undisclosed means. This has been acknowledged by LW and a fix will happen soon.

Forced Battle Exit

It's currently unknown if this is an actual issue.

During a battle, after restarting the app an unknown amount of times (a lot), and restarting (and/or resuming from last turn), the app may outright ignore the battle and instead kick you straight to the main screen. It is unknown if restarting the app on the same device is good enough, but using a different device will resume the battle just fine. In short, the app may, on the client side, force exit a battle after a certain amount of app resets.

Further tests are needed to verify this.

Game Stuck On Downloading

Screenshot Tokyo Afterschool Summoners 20180318-181938.png

Whether it's an app or Android update, sometimes the game will refuse to progress after allegedly downloading. The go-to fix is:

  • Backup AuthKey: /SD/Android/data/jp.co.lifewonders.housamo/files/Data/AuthKey
  • Remove /SD/Android/data/jp.co.lifewonders.housamo/files/ (or every other folder except /SD/Android/data/jp.co.lifewonders.housamo/files/Data/)
  • If you're keeping /SD/Android/data/jp.co.lifewonders.housamo/files/Data/, remove /SD/Android/data/jp.co.lifewonders.housamo/files/Data/MasterDataVersions
  • Remove /SD/Android/data/jp.co.lifewonders.housamo/files/
  • Remove /SD/Android/data/jp.co.lifewonders.housamo/cache<code>
  • Relaunch the app, or copy AuthKey to <code>/SD/Android/data/jp.co.lifewonders.housamo/files/Data/AuthKey

You may be able to get away with removing the cache and MasterDataVersions, but an almost clean slate will do.