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Current and Upcoming Events and Updates

Valentine Timeslip

Page under construction during retrieval of assets.

[Reprint] Valentine Festa!

Lifewonders is reprinting past Valentines events during this limited period alongside their respective gacha banners. This time, there will be no Free Quests or Event shop to farm special currency tokens for, however a login bonus of Transient Stonex1 will be distributed every day starting on the 1st of February for 7 days. With the re-release of these Valentines events, the English Translations for the events Valentine Jail! and Valentine's Extravaganza! will be released, alongside with the translation of all valentines special quests up to this point. As stated, the gacha banners for Valentine Jail! and Valentine's Extravaganza! are being reprinted. The rates can be found on their respective pages at:

Cfaf224f14948b6632df483be52937c4-1024x515.png C59f00c0ad71ed61c98857c4362ccd13-1024x515.png All of the previously existing Valentine's special date quests will be available again until mid-March, this includes the quests from Valentine Panic event as well. To access them, all you need to do is possess the respective character unit of any rarity and have completed their respective Valentine event until the end, be it the 2017, 2018 or 2019 one. They can be accessible in the Event and Past Events nodes on the map. Some characters like Toji, Licht, Kenta and Kalki possess two special quests.
Units with one or more valentine date quests
Shiro Kengo Ryota Toji Oniwaka Hanuman Claude Licht Duo Moritaka
Fenrir Asterius Ikutoshi Shinya Kenta Kotaro Eita Jugo Macan Temujin
Garmr Makara Azazel Cu Sith Gunzo Marchosias Nobuharu Kyuma Kagutsuchi R-19
Gabriel Alice Jambavan Hati Barguest Bathym Kuniyoshi Motosumi Kalki Nomad
Snow Gandharva Nyarlathotep Shuten Pollux Taurus Mask Jiraiya Andvari Yule Ded
Babalon Ibaraki Horkeu Kamui Taromaiti Sitri Hogen Aizen Hakumen Tadatomo Ophion
Lucifuge Tsathoggua Melusine Xolotl Arsalan Maria Zabaniyya Choji Ifrit Zao
Ashigara Chernobog Benten Ahab Ganglie Typhon Jinn Volos Kijimuna Kurogane
Triton Tangaroa Robinson Krampus Agyo Behemoth Ziz Shino Surtr Tetsuox
Suzuka Tajikarao Gyobu Ebisu Arc Azathoth Christine Wakan Tanka Thunderbird Musashi
Amatsumara Durga Shuichi Gyumao Seth Aegir Tanngrisnir Gullinbursti Takemaru

Main Quest Chapter 10 Release Campaign

Starting off, a gacha will be released for the release schedule of Main Quest Chapter 10. This gacha will include Jacob (☆3 and ☆5), Yasuyori (☆3 and ☆4), Tezcatlipoca (☆3 and ☆5),and Shennong (☆3 and ☆4). Temporary information about these units will be added to this page first. Some of these units possess new status effects, these being Icon status darkness.png Darkness and Icon status immunity.png Poison reversal. Alongside the chapter release, a half stamina cost campaign for Daily Quests is being held as well as a three quarter stamina cost reduction for Main Quest episodes for a short amount of time. New permanent missions have also been added, these award a total of 5 Transient Stones per Main Quest full chapter completed. In commemoration of the new chapter release, a login bonus campaign is also being held.

January 21st AR Token x20 Transient Stone x1 G All-round Boost x5
January 22nd AR Token x20 Transient Stone x1 Stamina Drink x1
January 23rd AR Token x20 Transient Stone x1
January 24th AR Token x20 Transient Stone x1 Stamina Drink x1 G All-round Boost x5
January 25th AR Token x20 Transient Stone x1 Lil' Salomon Ticket x1
January 26th AR Token x20 Transient Stone x1 Stamina Drink x1
January 27th AR Token x20 Transient Stone x1
January 28th AR Token x20 Transient Stone x1 Stamina Drink x1
January 29th AR Token x20 Transient Stone x1 G All-round Boost x5
January 30th AR Token x20 Transient Stone x1 Stamina Drink x1 AR Lil' Salomon Ticket x1

Furthermore, a new feature to disable AR sound when a unit performs a Charge Skill in battle has been added to the board UI. Toggling it on and off will enable/disable the AR card voice-over.

A new Dungeon is also planned to be added in the near future close to the ending of this campaign, Ikebukuro Underground Labyrinth, working similarly like the previous Dungeon Quests. By completing these quests, players will be able to obtain 遠雷の闘士の破片 (Fragment of the Distant Lightning Warrior) AR card (provisory name) through the Proceed missions available. To progress through them, players will need to acquire a certain number of 無窮の銀の鍵の欠片 (Pieces of Endless Silver Key). These key fragments are different from the ones obtained at the Shinjuku Library dungeon, indicating that each new dungeon will have a different kind of key to progress.

As mentioned previously, two gacha banners will be available during the event period, these being the Chapter 10 Transient Release Banner and Chapter 9 Transient Re-Release Banner.

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What is Tokyo Afterschool Summoners?

「Tokyo Afterschool Summoners」 is a mobile "Card Battle RPG" developed by LifeWonders for both iOS and Android. Gain cards by Summoning, strengthen your favorite character cards, defeat enemies and advance through the story.

The player can choose from up to 5 appearances and/or voices for their main character, and either Male, Female, or Other.

The game launched in December 2016. Currently the game is only in Japanese with no English patch available. However, there's an internal English translation; it's automatically detected based on system language and/or timezone.

How to Play


The app is available, region free, from Google Play:


  • The game is available to download for free in the app store.


Service for iOS began on December 2nd, 2016
Service for Android began on December 16th, 2016