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{{#vardefine:transient en name|Goblin Zombie}}
{{#vardefine:transient en name|Goblin Zombie}}
{{#vardefine:transient acquisition|Unobtainable}}
{{#vardefine:transient acquisition|Unobtainable}}
<!--FKare collab-->
<!--179000~99 enemy id dump (FKare collab)-->

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Transient Information

Weapon Spread Thrust.png
Rarity 3
HP 125+111*(Lv-1) ATK 38+50.592*(Lv-1)
HP @ Lv 60 6674 ATK @ Lv 60 3022.928
Max HP 8784 Max ATK 4528.848
Undead [Phase Start] Apply Regeneration to self / 45%
Guard Adept [Special Defense] Reduces damage against enemies with 1.00x ATK penaltyBlow (x70%) / 100%
Grappler [After Moving] Apply Brawn to self + +12~24 CP to self / 35%
? {"error":"invalid ID"}
+1200~2400 HP to self Weapon Spread Thrust.png
Illustration BomBom
Scenario ――
Voice ――
Gender None

Research Files

Affiliation: (未公開)
Translated from Japanese
Official Japanese


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