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Transient Information

[?]  [1]
Weapon Spread Blow.png
HP 405+97.939*(Lv-1) ATK 196+64.378*(Lv-1)
HP @ Lv 307.061 ATK @ Lv 131.622
Max HP 2286.451 Max ATK 1775.402
Blood of the Beast [After Moving] Apply Icon status hard.png Tenacity to self / 50%
Berserker [After Receiving Damage] +8~16 CP to self / 30%
Pursuer [Phase Start] Apply Icon status accel.png Acceleration to self / 30%
Daredevil [Phase Start] Apply Icon status critical2.png Crit+ to self + -350~-700 HP to self / 50%
Apply Icon status accel.png Acceleration to self, allies at target, 1 squares away Weapon Spread Thrust.png
Illustration gamma
Scenario ――
Voice Yuuhei Iwanaga
Species Beast Descendant
Gender None

Research Files

Affiliation: バーサーカーズ
Translated from Japanese
Official Japanese