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For urgent concerns about services and content, the sysadmin can be reached at admin >@< housamo ()[DOT]() xyz (obfuscated due to scraper bots trying to shill their monetization ads and SEO services despite this site requiring neither to function).

Please do not use this as tech support in any capacity. We are not affiliated in any ways with LW. For such questions, refer to

Below is a list of common concerns that I may or may not have made up.

Q: Where are [fapbait graphical assets]?

A: Assets should automatically extract every hour when the backend detects them. While the automatic routines seemed to have been near flawless, it's been known to hit some snags when grabbing an asset (due to my meddling inadvertently breaking something). Please understand, ancient spaghetti code.

Q: What happened to W[redacted]samo?

A: Big Bara wanted it gone due to its scenario viewer (or something like that, I forget).

Q: Where are the voice clips that I can listen to?

A: Big Bara wanted those gone as well (or something like that, I only remember locking it down to trusted users). They may have been up for a long while on the CDN, as I would have had to manually move them to another folder.

Q: Grrr, why is [character] labeled as [gender]?

A: LifeWonders stores character data in Master_Chara, which associates gender_id to entries in the Master_Sex table (None, Man, Woman, Other). The Transient infobox template retrieves these values from the game data itself. Housamo's official localization, being a localization rather than a translation (I will not go into localization discourse any further), will take some liberties and flavor some text, creating discrepancies between game data (and the original text) and the localization.

Yes, overseas, [character] is [gender] for us gaijin. It's not worth the headache to further break the scripts responsible for converting game data to wiki tables to apply an exception to reflect what the localization states.

Q: Ughhhh, the comments sections are such a mess...

A: I know. I'm still practicing a laissez-faire approach, where only the most egregious of comments will get censored.


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Anonymous user
No. 15063
10 months ago
Score 0 You
What happened to sorting by element?
No. 13024
16 months ago
Score 0++

I noticed a suspicious amount of skills (like all) are showing successfully now

One would hope this lasts
Anonymous user
No. 12059
21 months ago
Score 0 You

>Q: Where are [fapbait graphical assets]?

>A: When I get around to running my three bash scripts to automatically retrieve, decrypt, and extract.

I don't know if this will ever be read, but has there been any progress of that..?
Anonymous user
No. 2464
52 months ago
Score 0 You


Anonymous user
No. 2463
52 months ago
Score 0 You
Quiggs died for our sins.
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